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I am Monica, mom to four.  Prior to being a mom, I was a scientist.  When our family decided to homeschool, I immediately launched into research mode… and I don’t think I’ve left it yet.  As I began to accumulate more and more information, and then to pass that information on to homeschooling friends or in online forums, an idea for a blog began to form.

Here in the lab, you will find summaries of research drawn from the fields of education, cognitive science, and medicine.  Whenever I can, I will be giving a hat tip to the wise men and women who created learning environments- sometimes hundreds of years ago- that science is now showing to be exactly what our children need today.

When educational wisdom is confirmed by science, it is time to pay close attention.  This blog attempts to shine a spotlight on those overlaps, in the hopes of helping other parent teachers.

What you really need to know is this:  I homeschool in the cave.  We all do.

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  1. I have a question about Add a Century timeline. You did a review on youtube. Mind if I ask the dates you used in each section? THANKS!!!

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